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Electronics Gadgets
2 in 1 Smart Phone Lens Set Set of lenses with fish eye and zoom lensVerpackung: Luxurious etuiMaße: 115 x 60 x 29 mmGewicht: 100 gStandard-Veredelung: Tampondruck on giftboxStandard-Veredelungsgröße: 70 x 30 mmVerfügbare Farben: Schwarz
Artikel-Nummer 3711231
2.4G Laser Presenter Make your perfect presentation come to life with this plug & play wireless presenter! Includes laserpointer.- Optional with flash memoryVerpackung: Black giftbox with white sleeveMaße: 120 x 30 x 10 mmGewicht: 26 gStandard-Veredelung: ...
Artikel-Nummer 3710054
6000 mAh SolarCharger powerful solar charger capable of charging iPad, tablets, smart phones and many other gadgets, good area for branding. 6000 mAh 5 V power output.Verpackung: Luxurious plastic giftboxMaße: 127 x 80 x 15 mmGewicht: 198 gStandard-Veredelung: ...
Artikel-Nummer 3711492
Activity Tracker Premium Water resistant soft touch TPU Bluetooth Activity band worn around the wrist with OLED display. Allows the user to monitor activity levels and overall lifestyle. Includes features to track, monitor and set goals for steps, activity, speed, sleep patterns. Includes UV ...
Artikel-Nummer 3714812
ANZO LeatherLook - Sonderfarbe iPad case (possible for the different versions of the iPad). Minimum quantity is 500 pcs per different case.Verpackung: Luxurious brown giftboxMaße: Depends on which tablet mmGewicht: 285 gStandard-Veredelung: Full Colour included
Artikel-Nummer 3717166-CC
Army Knife Multifunctional USB Adapter - blue - blue cables Swiss army knife' an all time classic now styled for the modern consumer. We swapped the blades for a multi-functional USB sync and charge adapter.- iPhone 4 connector- Micro USB connector- Mini USB connector- iPhone 5 connectorVerpackung: Plastic retail ...
Artikel-Nummer 3711512
Bluetooth Self-timer Remote Shutter Bluetooth remote control to allow for 'selfies' and other photos with your smart phone. Simply set your camera, pose and click from a distance up to 10 meter. Great design makes this a must to remind your clients of your logo / brand. Stand not included!
Artikel-Nummer 3711232
Butterfly powerbank This powerbank has a capacity of 5200 mAh to easily charge tablets and smartphones. Can be easily made with a full color inlay with your logo. Available from 1000 pcs.Verpackung: White boxMaße: 90 x 46 x 25 mmGewicht: 250 g
Artikel-Nummer 3712172
Carcharger Steel 2.4 A Top quality metal twin port USB car charger (2.4A) allows forthe charging of smart phones and tablets whilst driving.Verpackung: Luxurious black giftboxMaße: 55 x 55 x 24 mmGewicht: 195 gStandard-Veredelung: Tampondruck, engravement
Artikel-Nummer 3710224
Ceramic In-Earphone These earphones are made from high end materials and offer a remarkably simple path from source to ear. They create a sound that’s warm, dry and detailed.The Ceramic in-earphones are made from porcelain, aluminium and flat cable. Beautiful finish and a great design, ...
Artikel-Nummer 3711356

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